London Marathon 2020

London Marathon 2020

So I wanted a new challenge, and, a good friend of mine inspired me after she ran the London marathon and I thought to myself, how hard could that be? So I applied, and although I didn't get through with the London ballot, Marie Curie offered me a place, and after thinking to myself, what have I let myself into training commenced.

Like my cycling, I haven't run for a very (very) long time, so I decided that I would try the couch to 5k and didn't find it as hard as I thought I would. I would recommend anyone giving it ago, it is also excellent for clearing the mind if you are having a bad day. Once I was happy that I could achieve the 5k, I signed myself up for a Park run. Now, this was a massive step for me as I don't run in public, and here I am amongst about 400 other people ready to jog. My first attempt involved a lot of walking, but it didn't matter as it was more a case of getting out there and experiencing being in a run with other people. Once I crossed the finish line, it made something click in my mind and made me more determined to get on with my training as I knew then I had an excellent chance at actually completing the marathon.

On Saturday, I decided that I wanted to push myself and see how far I could go and in what time. I had a course in my head, and after checking it out on the map, it was about 10 miles which I was happy I could do. The start was great I and I was keeping up with the pace I had set, as I approached mile 5 there was a fairly steep hill which I decided that I was going to run up and then allow myself to recovery time at the top. Well to my surprise I made it to the top and didn't need much recovery so carried on down the other side, then I faced a long drawn out hill, this was split into a run and walk as there was no way I could run all of it, there was a lot more walking than running on this hill, but I made it t the top. As I got to the top of this hill, the sun was starting to set, and I was at a point where it was quicker to carry on than turn back, but I did change my route slightly to make sure that I was not running through fields in the dark.

As I approached mile 8, the sun had set, and it was getting very cold and dark, and as I only had the torch on my phone I decided that it was not sensible to carry on, so a quick phone call to my older brother and he came and picked me up. So I have learnt a couple of lessons after that run, go out earlier, make sure there are no big hills and always have a decent torch with you. Stay tuned as I have a longer run planned a maybe even a competition where you can win a prize.

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